Dealing with Dementia

Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is something which not only effects the patients, but also their loved ones. While they are medically different, they have many common characteristics. Progressive cognitive decreasing of abilities is a part of it, which leads to difficulties in doing even normal day to day tasks. Helping in this area, perhaps would be like helping anyone with disability, but there is a much more deeper and darker part of Dementia. The people who are suffering or progressing into dementia are often, depressed or confused. There is sometimes deep paranoia. The result is often inappropriate or even highly confrontational and violent. Dealing with that is often very difficult but understanding that your loved one is not doing it on purpose and just gently work with them will help. This takes a great amount of patience and love. Often they would be confused about where they are or may make poor judgment calls. But in all this, it is important not to argue with them but gently guide them in the right direction or gently change the topic.

Assisted living facilities can offer great peace of mind to the loved ones of those suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Moving to senior apartments doesn’t mean living in a nursing home. You are not a patient in assisted living facility, but a resident who always has help and assistance at their disposal in dealing with these difficult diseases. Senior assisted living can provide help around the house when you are no longer up to the daily tasks and can make life easier.


We often hear the term ‘advance directive,’ but not many of us really know what it is and what it does. There can be a lot of confusion about what they are and how they relate to wills, trusts, power of attorney and other legal documents that are written up to carry out our wishes when we are no longer able. Home health care and assisted living facilities often require such documents as part of the agreement for services. These requirements may become more widespread as people in Beverly Beach and Holly Hill age.

Your Senior Link has released a wonderful podcast on our website or through iTunes, that you can listen to that goes a long way in clearing up much of the mystery and confusion about advanced directives and how they fit in with our last wish instructions. This first of many podcasts from Your Senior Link features Brenda O’Donnell as she talks with Scott Selis and Sheila McKay Vaughn. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of our future podcasts. Your Senior Link is dedicated to making getting older a lot easier than it used to be by providing excellent information to all who need it.