Brenda O’Donnell talks with Sheila McKay Vaughn, Rebecca Sandval, and Katie Bowens about Home Healthcare and figuring out the right sort of help for you and your loved ones.

What is Home Healthcare?  Its a helping service for people who are “homebound”, unlike what you might think at first this doesn’t mean you can’t leave your home or will not leave your home simply that a doctor believes your condition would be “unduly taxing” if you left your home OR your condition could worsen as a result of leaving your home unassisted.  Home Healthcare and Home Care is a service to help homebound people with whatever they might need, be it physical therapy/rehabilitation or simply help around the house with things like getting up and down, bathing, etc.



Shiela McKay-Vaughan is proud to announce that is providing assisted living and memory care Senior living placement throughout Central Florida, including Oak Hill, Volusia County, Daytona Beach and Flagler. is a partner with Newport Senior Link which provides Senior Placement Services in Osceola, Orange, Seminole, Lake, Sumter, Marion, Volusia and Flagler Counties.

When it comes time to decide where you or your loved ones will spend their golden years, it can be a very important and delicate decision to make. We are committed to offering personalized placement services and experienced staff to help your loved one in every way possible “to find a place they can call home” when they can or no longer choose to live in their home.

Considering Assisted Living
When considering assisted living as an option for your loved ones, it is important to know that they will be happy, and well taken care of. An ideal assisted living facility will offer outstanding food, household cleaning, and personal care for each resident. This includes changing linens, providing residents with their medicines as needed, making sure that they are comfortable, and even helping with bathing for those who need it. There are a wide variety of services that come into play when discussing assisted living. One of the most important things to remember is that assisted living is not taking away your loved one’s independence. Rather, it is offering more freedom as your loved one will not have to worry about many of the simple, mundane tasks of daily life and will be able to really focus on what they love.

Working with Our Team
There are many great reasons why you should consider working with our outstanding team here at Your Senior Link. We offer a wide variety of personal services to ensure that each and every senior that comes to us receives the best available attention possible. We are also more than happy to personally visit both the seniors and their families to help them with every step of the decision-making process. We realize that this is not an easy or quick decision to make. This is why we offer free and personalized services all the way from the first discussion, to the personalized tours of our facilities and even beyond that as your loved one gets settled into their new home. We want every part of the process to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Getting the Care You Deserve
Here at Your Senior Link, we offer personalized service. We are not a call center, so you will never feel as though you aren’t receiving the amount of care and attention that you need. Our team is more than happy to meet with you in person to discuss all of your options so that you and your loved ones are completely happy and comfortable with any final decision that you make.

We are able to help reduce your loved ones from the burdens of home ownership, offer them an outstanding social scene, as well as wonderful excursions which they can take part of within their retirement community on a regular basis. We also offer your loved ones the opportunity to live to the fullest at this special stage in their lives. We know that it can be hard on a parent/child relationship when the roles are suddenly reversed, and this is why we offer the kind of loving and tender care that your loved one needs so that the parent remains the parent and feels that their independence has not changed.

With help from our team, you and your loved ones will find that looking for a new living arrangement provided by Your Senior Link can be a satisfactory experience. We provide outstanding communities for seniors. Call 386-299-5838 for a Free Consultation.

3594895637_e668e4f06bAs we age, change is harder to adjust to. At Your Senior Link, we do all that we can to make sure that when you move into senior apartments, your transition will be as easy as possible. Contact us today to learn how we can make your move in Daytona Beach easier.

Brenda O’Donnell talks with Sheila McKay Vaughn and Scott Selis about Advanced Directives and why you should have them and how they can benefit everyone not just those in hospice.

What are Advanced Directives?  Effectively they are legal documents to  describe your end-of-life care ahead of time.  Though this isn’t limited just to a “living will” it can also include traditional wills, power of attorny, and similar things so that you are properly cared for the event you can voice your own desires.

These are important for everyone because even something random like a car accident or similar can make these vitally important.  These are not just about staying on life support or not, but about making your loved ones lives easier with financial matters and similar issues.

There are many great reasons to consider an assisted living facility in which your loved one can happily spend their golden years. Some of these reasons, however, arise more out of necessity rather than desire and can be cause for a need, and not just a want, for a family member to reside in an assisted living facility. Here is a list of just some of the reasons that you should seriously consider discussing assisted living with your loved one.


  • Safety 

One of the main reasons that it may be a great idea to discuss and consider an assisted living facility is due to safety concerns. Is your loved one at home alone a lot? Do they have the ability to get up after they have fallen or otherwise injured themselves? Are they able to call for help and receive it when needed? All of these factor in to this decision. If you feel that your loved one is not safe in their home environment, it may very well be time to discuss assisted living as an option.

  • Personal Health

 When you visit with your loved one, are they losing or gaining a lot of weight? Do they seem more frail and delicate than they were last? Are they able to maintain themselves through regular grooming and personal hygiene habits? When a loved one begins to show signs of neglect towards themselves and the inability to take care of themselves properly on their own, it could very well be time for professional assistance through a nursing home or assisted living facility.

  • Social

 When discussing the social aspects of your loved one’s life, it’s good to keep in mind the kind of friends, and the amount of friends that they have when considering whether or not assisted living is a necessity. If your loved one seems to maintain a happy and active social life involving family and friends, then there is no real need for assistance in this area. However, if you see or feel that your loved one has become isolated and begun to withdraw from social gatherings, it may be a good idea to have a serious discussion with them about their living options. There are fantastic retirement communities available, as well as senior apartments and independent senior living options that can make them comfortable and help re-engage them socially.

  • Activities of Daily Life

Similar to the personal hygiene section previously discussed, if your loved one is experiencing difficulties with

maintain simple aspects of daily life, such as doing laundry, washing dishes, taking care of bills, and all of the normal tasks that would pertain to a healthy and active homeowner, it could very well be in your loved one’s best interest to discuss a major change in their living situation. The benefits of assisted living are vast, as there are housekeeping services, cooks on hand to make sure your loved one stays healthy, and even staff who can help to stay on top of their medicine if they need it.


On the part of the senior loved one in your life, there can be various concerns. One of them could very well be whether or not they could go out with relatives once they’re in assisted living. Another could be the question of whether or not they will lose their independence all together. It is important to reassure them and make sure that they know that you and other family members will not desert him/her or leave them to their own devices. A great assisted living facility will also make every effort to offer residents with the most independent senior living routines as possible to keep them fit both mentally and physically for as long as possible.

When weighing in all of your options, it is important to know that Your Senior Link is committed to providing the most personalized and outstanding level of care for your loved ones. We are more than happy to meet with your personally and walk through our facilities with you so that you have the confidence you need to make the best decision moving forward. For more information and a free consultation, give us a call from Flagler or Daytona Beach today.